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August 25, 2017

Join The Spirits

Join The Spirits

Social Nets

Chapter 5 

End of day.  All that was here earlier's now a memory. 

Was with a special friend for lunch, and tonight with Nenad Bach and Blake Rowe, special, each, and others, as well.  Nice folk.

There is nothing like a good friend, old and new.

Day began.  Breakfast, Nancy,  coffee.  Boiler being repaired so cold water shower, not bad, got used to it.  Needed to wipe off humidity's grime.

Shuttle to Times Sq., walk to 9th and 43-44th.  The Westway Diner.  Booth.  Scanned menu.  Friend arrives.  When you're with…

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Chapter 4 

Indy 5

Memorial Day Weekend

Years ago I worked closely with Michael Levin, who owned a video studio.  One of Michael’s clients was the head of the New York Times photo archives.  He was also a childhood friend of Paul Page, who was for many years ABC’s on-air announcer of Indianapolis 500. 

Because he did videos, Michael had the idea of producing a video on the history of the Indianapolis 500.  Paul said he would try to get materials from the ABC archives for Michael to use, with permissions and credits…

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Chapter 3 

  Never having done this, I took a week just to get my arms around the ideas within it, how to actually do it, how to conceive it and then carry that idea to fruition.

I had a web site for many years, designed by a friend and one of his staff artists and hosted on his server.  They did a great job - - but when my friend retired and sold the company everything was lost in the sale. No one knew where the files were, where the server even went.

I had many of the pics on the site and…

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Chapter 2 

Aiming to be on-line Tuesday.  It's really done but will take the two days to check.  Proof.  Sit with it.




Chapter 3:

So I'm Thinking of Starting a Blog 

So I'm thinking of starting a blog. 

At least one HostBaby template has a default link, "Blog."  I reflexively delete it.  Then I start thinking about it.  What would it be?  What could it be?  From what angle?  What monsters would be revealed?  When I opened myself would a soulful scream emerge?

Whatever it turned out to be, I knew it would be a journey.

So here's the first chapter:

Chapter 1: