Chapter 3

  Never having done this, I took a week just to get my arms around the ideas within it, how to actually do it, how to conceive it and then carry that idea to fruition.

I had a web site for many years, designed by a friend and one of his staff artists and hosted on his server.  They did a great job - - but when my friend retired and sold the company everything was lost in the sale. No one knew where the files were, where the server even went.

I had many of the pics on the site and much of the copy - reviews, bios, other info - so it wasn't a total disaster, and I realized that this actually presented an opportunity, to build a site with up-to-date capabilities, like being able to make changes myself at any time, and its interactive quality.  I didn't have to be a Techie, the more I added the more I learned, and Host Baby's support is excellent. 

In the template I was asked to give this page I name.  The default name was "Blog."  I decided to call it, "Blog."


Chapter 4:


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