Chapter 5

End of day.  All that was here earlier's now a memory. 

Was with a special friend for lunch, and tonight with Nenad Bach and Blake Rowe, special, each, and others, as well.  Nice folk.

There is nothing like a good friend, old and new.

Day began.  Breakfast, Nancy,  coffee.  Boiler being repaired so cold water shower, not bad, got used to it.  Needed to wipe off humidity's grime.

Shuttle to Times Sq., walk to 9th and 43-44th.  The Westway Diner.  Booth.  Scanned menu.  Friend arrives.  When you're with someone you're cool with, everything is good. 

Back to Grand Central, train back, off-peak and mostly empty, the kind I like best.  Pulls into the station and the car's right there.  You never know if you're going to find a space in the morning.  And there was one right at the foot of the stairs.  Good to see it there.

Night approaches.  Time to leave for Nenad's.  Stop at San Gennaro's for a slice with mushrooms for the drive.  Wasn't the best pizza, but I was hungry.  Glad I had MapQuest because my phone GPS lost its vocal.  You end up with a map showing where you are but not hearing the instructions you're used to hearing, like "Turn on to exit in one-quarter mile."  You rely on Molly.  We named the voice Molly but that's another story.  A good one. 

What was most helpful about MapQuest was it showing the number of miles down each road.  I knew I'd passed the street on which was to make a left because too many miles had passed, and made a U-turn.  Sure enough, the street sign was bent and lost in the cover of leaves.

It was good seeing Nenad.  Catch him. 

Music is the golden thread.



Chapter 6:

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