1. Plutonium
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Words and music Mark Cohen (ASCAP)
(c) 2016 Street Scenes Music (ASCAP)
Cohen and The Spirits: Mark Cohen (vocal, guitar); Cliff Hackford (drums); Tony Tino (bass); Jivie (piano and organ); Ira Yuspeh, engineer.  Recorded at M&I Recording Studios, NYC.


words and music by Mark Cohen (ASCAP)
(c) Street Scenes Music (ASCAP)
They put up reactors without a halt
There's even one sitting on the San Andreas Fault
There are those who call it progress, it's crazy say some
But everyone stays away from Plutonium
Cho.: Plutonium will turn you numb
          Plutonium will make you dumb
Cause it really is the hot stuff everybody knows
Makes water evaporate, in the dark it glows
A little bit is strong enough to turn a turbine's gears
And it'll be around for 25,000 years
25,000 years, now that sounds insane
25,000 years, where do you complain
But there's no danger say the companies
Just don't think about it none, the safety's guaranteed
Then they'll put out all their studies, bring out all their notes
Talk about statistics and cover us with quotes
But still and all when all is said and done
There may not be an accident but all it takes is one