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Richard Lewis, comedian, actor:  "Mark Cohen is cut from the same cloth as Pete Seeger. He is a true friend and troubadour whom I have admired for over four decades.  Growing up enthralled by American folk music, I've been blessed to start my career in comedy long ago, befriended and supported by one of my musical heroes.  Mark Cohen shows here why he is a master of storytelling.  SILVER STAR is tremendous!!!  Thank you, Mark and the band.

Seth Lipsky, editor of The New York Sun: "Wildwood Flower must be one of the most haunting melodies in the American folk idiom, and it's hard to think of a lovelier and more lovingly embroidered version of it than in Mark Cohen's Thank God For You.  I predict it will be played millions of times."

H. Vierthaler: "Touching CD from Mark Cohen, one of the most powerful voices in music today."

D. Sachar: "Mark, how do you do it?  You and The Spirits are divine and celestial, yet at the same time very real and down to earth.  Thank you for the treasured gifts of your music." 

Michael Lydon, a founding editor/writer of Rolling Stone Magazine, author of Rock Folk and Ray Charles: Man and Music:  "Cohen and The Spririt's new CD, Thank God for You, blends rock, folk, and gospel idioms into a soulful mix of moods and styles, Mark's compelling voice rising above a driving band.  My favorite track: an inspired thirteen-minute performance of the Carter Family's Wildwood Flower that Mark plays on a rich-toned old Martin guitar."

Jeff Tone, NYC writer: "Cohen really captures the past haunted year of isolation and uncertainty in Going Viral on 2020, Cohen and The Spirits' new cd. I remember him saying years ago, 'Each life is epic,' and that has stayed with me all this time.  I'm glad he found a way to place that profound line in a song. 'Do the best you can,' he concludes.  What else can we do?  A Harvest Song is more relaxed in pace and imagery.  It prompts one to take off for new adventures, also a response to '2020.'  The two tracks go well together as point/counterpoint.  At the same time, they show Cohen's versatility.  His band sounds and looks completely in harmony.  Nicely packaged, with Cohen at one of the touchstones of his musical career, Washington Square Park, on the cover, and with the band on the back cover.  2020 leaves this listener looking forward to hearing more!"

Don Grossinger, Grammy winning mastering engineer: "Cohen and The Spirits puts the classic back in classic rock.  They tell great stories with a rollicking beat and arrangements that are tight and clean, with a lush, full sound. Check out Cohen and The Spirits on SILVER STAR.

George Gerdes, musician, actor: "Just opened up my brand new cd of SILVER STAR and gave it a spin.  Great production!  Wonderful band.  Truly spirited sound.  Solid songwriting.  And so sweet to end with Blind Willie Johnson & Huddie Ledbetter.  Great album."

Neil J. Sapin, Phoenix, AZ:  "Dallas In November is hauntingly beautiful.  I listened to it at least a dozen times. I can't get your song out of my mind."

B. Cole, Lewes, DE:  "TV has been full of stories about that fateful day in Dallas fifty years ago.  Your song says it all most poignantly in a few short minutes."

Phyllis B, Dearborn, MI:  "Your songs are addicting.  Each and every one is special to me for a different reason.

Nancy White, NY:   “I cannot get enough of Mark’s song Worms on Thank God For You.  Great music.  Great lyrics, hilariously funny and profoundly serious all at the same time.”

Alan Bernstein, CA:  "There are so many songs on this cd that transported me to different places, places I love to go. And with me, this is no small feat. Moments of Grace is a very special CD."

Jeff Tone, NYC:   "I listened to the 'Mike and Mark' show twice (a 90 minute radio interview with Michael Mand, host/producer of the St. James Infirmary podcast) and enjoyed it immensely.  I enjoyed your new songs To Be With You and Horizons and the acoustic rendition of Wildwood Flower. Your interpretation of the latter is one of my favorite instrumentals. Later I listened to the electric version. You take a simple tune and scale the heights with it, entering into a transcendent realm, then you return to the main theme. It is truly the musical equivalent to William Blake's line about seeing "'heaven in a wild flower.'"

Jan Miller:  "Love your stuff, Mark!"

Harvey Marshak, former publisher of Rock Magazine:  "I own over 500 CDs. Moments of Grace is one of five or six that I listen to over and over again."

Donny Smith: "Love that material, so original and peaceful sounding."

Ilana Vorobyov, NYC:  "I loved the live songs you played on St. James Infirmary.  It was great to hear Your Healing Touch with the band and then live from the studio.  You have such a way with words and you are such a great storyteller.  With a great sense of humor and wonderful soul to boot!  You are a force to be reckoned with."

iTunes comments:

“Touched my heart.  Mark Cohen makes beautiful music.  I listen to Buffalo every night.”  Craver, iTunes

“Love it.  Mark Cohen’s sound is a great escape, the return of beautiful and original music.”  Scott Neiman, iTunes 

“Mark Cohen has an amazing voice and I would buy Buffalo any day.  It shows there is still great music.  If you want to just listen to simply great music listen to Moments of Grace.”- Riley Neiman