Through the years, great artists, great musicians, deepest thanks:

Ira Yuspeh, Mitch Yuspeh, and M&I Recording Studios, NYC, part of The Spirits - every session was magic.

Thanks to Michael J Mand, producer/host of St. James Infirmary music podcast, for being so supportive through the years.

Atiba Motta, Tbone, great drummer, great friend.

Lavondo Thomas, perfect bass lines, brother-in-arms.

Mike Preen, whose bass was one of the foundations of Cohen and The Spirits recordings.

Jim Satten, friend and partner for over 20 years, who found each song's texture, gave them life and recorded the finest guitar lines in each.

Rusty Cloud really listened to and gave each the most creative, beautiful piano, and organ riffs.

Cliff Hackford brought the heat to the beat, drums, cymbals and tabla to raise songs to another level.

Tony Tino on bass - put the groovin' bottom onto each recording and at each show.

Connie Harvey - Connie's backup vocals add such depth and richness to songs with her angelic voice, a gift from God.

Leslie Wagner, we go back to the beginning, great to finally work together, your beautiful voice is perfect in Here On Earth.

Bob Prewitt, my old friend from our Magnagraphics Studio days, it means so much to have your 12-string Rickenbacker in Moments of Grace.

Suzan Bader, Michael Levin, Willie Nile, Richard Lewis, Mike Porco, Phil Ciganer, the Montreys, and so many others, all the friends along the way.

Thanks to Diane Criccio / Timeline Video for such classic cover art on Silver Star and 2020.

Thanks to Cristina Arrigoni, photographer extraordinaire.

Thanks to Bob Porco for taking the front and back cover shots for "Thank God For You" and for keeping Mike Porco's and Folk City's legacy alive.

Thanks to Jack Hirschorn, whose photographs are works of art, for the series of pics at The Gaslight and Arlene's Grocery.

And to Phil MacMurray for taking the pic with Richie Havens.  Was a captured moment.

Harvey Appelbaum, who oversaw the design work for Moments of Grace and created the design for "Here On Earth."

Phil Blazer, always there to lend a hand. 

To Nancy White, for so many things.

To all the Spirits through the years who dug what we were doing.  Cheers all!